My Europe Home

my-europe-home my-europe-home-logoMy Europe Home is a company specialising in the sale of new properties. We’re a European-style estate agency operating throughout Europe specially Spain, Italy France and UK. We have many years of experience and a high standing within the Europe Property Market. Our success is reflected in the fact that we offer the widest selection of properties available. But this success is due to our dedicated team of Chinese agents and Europe-based staff, who’re the finest you’re likely to meet. Hand-picked for their skill, experience and enthusiasm, they deliver the courteous, professional and unmatched one-to-one service for which we are renowned. In My Europe you will find luxury properties in the best cities in Europe: luxury villas, luxury apartments in famous cities, castles, rural estates or beach and golf apartments. The best investment to suit each client. Once your favorite properties is chosen, we arrange your week inspection trip around the area you previously selected and where you will find the property that you want. The inspection trip will also allow you to contact with people, culture, climate and the surrounding area. Our goal is that during those days you can imagine a new way of life. My Europe Home is the gate to a new experience, a new life.