methodology The success of the projects in the portfolio lies not only in their single steps involved, but also on their order. So all the projects seeking national or international investors for companies, funds, banks and individual or corporate investors follow these steps:

  • FIRST: social and market study to know policies and tastes of the market of reference.
  • SECOND: idea and concept, complete technical design with conceptual and detailed master plan. Planning studies, environmental impact, energy efficiency.
  • THIRD: According to the project to submit and the sectors involved in it, we proceed to the realization of the business plan, paying particular attention to the direct and indirect costs, as well as the expected revenue according to the results of the market research and the previously developed expertise.
  • FOURTH: negotiation to obtain suitable soil as well as the necessary permits and licenses, international construction management of all project units, incorporation of all the companies as well as public and private organizations and international brands required to ensure the whole implementation of the project.
  • FIFTH: This is when the financial phase begins. Once all the projects are created and planned, in many cases even with the ground for its development phase obtained or obtaining, quantified costs and revenues Final Project, closed negotiations with national and international investors, as well as with companies that participate as partners, to provide sufficient financial resources to cover the different phases of investment.
  • SIXTH: Work begins to undertake and execute projects for development and construction of the Project.
  • SEVENTH: Simultaneously, marketing strategies, advertising and communication are implemented to enhance the good image of the project, as well as plans to market all the units and products.
  • EIGHTH: During the construction and implementation phase preparatory works are carried out to manage safely and effectively all units of different sectors of economic activity, offering their products and services once the Project is implemented for the final customer and consumer. The business exploitation begins.