Eurochina Park

eurochina-park eurochina-park-logoEuroChina Park is the International City of Industry, Commerce and Finance and is conceived as a big area of business for Chinese companies exporting products to Spain, Europe, U.S., Latin America, Middle East and Africa, thus accessing a market of more than 2,000 million people. EuroChina Park will rise near Zaragoza, Spain where a business-industrial park for more than 1000 industrial enterprises is going to take place. Its formula is based on the integration of trade and production in the same place, where companies can product, investigate, develop, export and directly sell. The complex is organized around a central area of urban character, a shopping center, hotel, business center, convention center, Restaurants and Cafes, shops, religious buildings, exhibition areas and underground parking. Around this core business, will take place around 1000 business units, grouped by specific sectors, each of them consisting on a warehouse with office area, exhibition and sales area and loading dock. The organization of these warehouses will be modular, as to respond to the diverse needs of space of business types. Particular focus is on environmental issues, such as the implementation of a large Photovoltaic park on the warehouses rooftop, as well as the use of modern high-efficiency energy building materials, making the park a pioneer model of reference in the international context. EuroChina Park is the largest business development for Chinese companies outside China. It means a huge logistic platform to increase export of Chinese products in Europe, America and Africa and the final push for the entry of thousands of Chinese companies into new markets.