Air Marina Billionaire Resort


air-marina-billionaire-resort-logoExtended over 400 hectares, Air Marina Billionaire Resort is an inimitable place in the world, combining residential area with airport and private marina. Its uniqueness resides on the fact that its residents can get home by land, sea and air, and parking their car, boat or plane at the very door of their residence, allowing their them to save their precious time and energy.

Such great project is especially designed for exceptional customers: sophisticated and dynamic people willing to enjoy life and experiment new comforts and luxuries. Guests can lodge whether at one of its exclusive and luxurious residential complexes or at one of its three charming hotels: a themed hotel based on aviation, another scenic hotel overlooking the sea and a spectacular submarine hotel with gorgeous submarine views.

Air Marina Billionaire Resort allows its residents and guests to fully enjoy every minute of their stay allowing them to enjoy aviation, sailing or several sport facilities, since it composed by three distinct, highly technologic areas: the Mooney Private Airport, the Mediterranean Marina, Hydroport and the Wellness and Sport City equipped with several sport clubs, a great golf course and a beauty farm offering a wide range of beauty and health treatments.

Residents and guests can also enjoy several luxurious amenities included in the very compound such as private beaches, museums, shopping center, good restaurants and entertaining bars.

Air Marina Billionaire Resort is an extraordinary fully private complex designed with the utmost care for details, providing their residents an astonishing sense of freedom, allowing them to fly or sail directly from their homes whenever they desire.

The owners of the most exclusive villas have the opportunity and the great privilege to reach their own homes by plane and park it in the garage of his house next to their car and motorbike.

With a runway of 1,600 meters, the airport is equipped with all the complex facilities and cutting-edge private aviation sector, among them, a Mooney Station and a Mooney Planet:

  • A large cutting-edge main building houses a spectacular private terminal (FBO) with great facilities and amenities
  • A School of Pilots
  • Control Tower
  • Hangar One and T-Hangars
  • An Aircraft Museum
  • An exclusive club of pilots and partners with a theme restaurant
  • A Seaplanes Terminal