Philosophy of action


Bluerain Corporation, purpose is to identify business opportunities combining social needs and market requirements, joining government policies of the Republic of China, with acceptable levels of corporate profitability for the companies responsible for creating, designing, building and managing such opportunities in the territory of China, as investments and activities of overseas Chinese enterprises.

International business alliance
Bluerain Corporation has gathered numerous companies and public and private organizations of different nationalities, leaders in their respective sectors of activity, strong and consolidated, many of them listed on exchanges around the world.

It has done so by different mechanisms: sometimes through direct participation in their shareholdings, by creating joint ventures, business alliances, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships jointventure.

Philosophy of action
Bluerain Corporation is responsible for preparing and designing integral strategic projects of the Holding. Its integral structure, different from most of the hyper specialized companies of the market, marks the real difference.

This feature allows Bluerain to perform with complete guarantee of success and homogeneity all the works involved in the final outcome of any project, no matter its complexity or extension.