Happy People Homes

happy-people-homes happy-people-homes-logoHappy People Homes is part of the international group Blue Rain. Its objective is the development of real estate business opportunities in China. Happy People Homes was created to satisfy the huge demand for housing caused mainly by the mass movement of rural migration to big cities in China. The attraction of the city for living makes many rural inhabitants to decide their change of residence to provide greater opportunities for their children, producing the phenomenon of urbanization and city growth in this time of economic boom in the country. So far, the available homes for this great group that arrives to the major cities have been very basic and simple homes, without paying enough attention to quality, design and details to the homes or their future owners. At Happy People Homes we do think about the people, their comfort and their happiness, so we design and build homes with the head and the heart. We take care of the design, functionality and welfare of the people. The Demand for Happy People Homes is based on the enormous growth of the cities mainly because of the great migration from countryside to city. This new population that goes to the cities is young, in working age, so the cities are growing and rejuvenating. This is a phenomenon produced by the excellent and prolonged economic situation in the country that has placed as the second largest economy in the world. In fact, from the 10 cities that will have the highest growth in 2025, nine of them will be in China, these nine cities are: Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chengdu. In that year, from the 600 most economically developed cities in the world, a hundred of them will be Chinese. The population of these 600 cities will grow 1.6 times faster than the world population. Now, 22% of the population lives in them, in 15 years it will be 25%. The estimation for 2025 is 310 million population and two thirds of this increase is expected in China and India. 235 million new homes are expected in these cities. 85% of them in the emerging cities, and once again, half is expected to be in Chinese cities. The Chinese government is urging the construction of affordable housing for medium and low-income groups.