Green Tech Model

greentech-model greentech-model-logoThe specific model of intensive development of the agriculture, sustained on the unit of exploitation that is the farm, can be considered as a singular concept, that has been identified as Green Tech Model, and has experienced an economic and social undeniable success in the last five decades. Green Tech Model is a system of production of horticultural references under greenhouse, which is commercialized under a scheme of normalized modules. The productive unit of this modular scheme is the greenhouse multi -tunnel of 2 Has, so that one will offer to the clients the possibility of installing the modules after a customized procedure. The Green Tech model is a highly intensive farming, both in work and in capital. This new kind of agriculture is a basic part of this model of economic development. This production model is based on intensive horticulture and allows great socio-economic growth. It is an alternative to industrial development, and born in the bosom of the farming environment. It gives to the region absolute net growth. Adopt a classical specialization, based on the best utilization of the factors, that is, efficient use of available local resources. It is an operating model that allows translation into new geographical areas. At this stage, the model is being exported to other geographical areas (Latin America and Africa, mainly), adapting to each new environments. The items included in the model respond to all activities involved in the flow of process operations, from planting on the farm (including preparatory activities) to the distribution of products to the consumer markets. High performance agricultural Green tech Model features, consciously establishing links between sector financing, capitalization and increased productivity:

  • A moderate level of capitalization.
  • Supported in labor.
  • High productivity per unit area (Ha).
  • A first phase of prioritization of productive elements, followed by a stage of orientation to customer expectations.
  • Socialization highly productive.
  • Endogenous development facing outwards.

This whole system originates the emergence of a strong auxiliary industry. The export of horticultural production from Green Tech Model is a proven fact. The high productivity achieved with conventional techniques that are used in the Model means that domestic market is small to the productive capacity of the model, and that exporting is the natural outlet for the products. Besides Green Tech Model contains all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the housing of workers and their families, service and leisure areas and Communications and transportation infrastructures necessary for the export of horticultural products and the whole auxiliary industry generated by the different economic activities.