Cokoway and Cokopoint


cokoway-and-cokopoint-logoThey are big and exclusive shopping and leisure centers of stunning architecture and the best aesthetic elements. They offer the best shopping and entertainment environment. Cokoway will be located in center or in the vicinity of both Chinese coastal cities and inland over 1 million inhabitants and medium-high average purchasing power. Cokopoint will be located in smaller cities.

They will cover the high demand for shopping and Entertainment currently existing in large Chinese cities. Each complex will have between 100 and 500 shopping stores combining the best and most exclusive luxury brands in the World with the best leisure and entertainment amenities as well as the most complete range of cuisine from all prestigious chefs of the world.

The complex also includes office buildings that provide life tothe project for every day of the week. The two main streets are themed with a variety of impressive avant-garde styles. The Shopping experience is complemented with outdoor performances, shows, recitals, concerts, mimes, magicians and constant surprises for consumers.

The avenue of international cuisine and entertainment is called the Avenue of Nations, where you can find classic Spanish paella, tasty American burger, German ham hocks or a delicious Italian pasta. Also modern international cuisine awarded with Michelin stars.The complex also has a Spa, wellness center and professional training center.

A large, modern audiovisual entertainment center complete the great offer for the family at Cokoway and Cokopoint. It will be a complex of 18 movie theatres, including 3D art cinemas and 2 IMAX movie theatres.

Cokoway and Cokopoint are definitely the main shopping and Entertainment area that will mark a lifestyle and revolutionize modern experience of spending a day of shopping and entertainment.

Customers will find an exclusive offer and diversified to socialize and do their more desirable shopping in a luxurious and cozy environment. At the same time can enjoy outdoor performances, the latest released billboard or dinner every day of the week at a different restaurant with the best cuisines of the world.