About us

about-usBluerain Corporation is a multinational holding company created to develop business opportunities of industrial, real estate, aviation and services nature.
Its presence in many countries and partnership with numerous leading companies from different sectors, as well as public and private agencies of various governments, give it a marked international profile. Directly or through affiliated companies and associates carries out projects in countries as diverse as Spain, China, Morocco, Guinea Conakry, USA, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Brazil and Chile, Argentina.

The holding, through its various companies satisfies all facets of each project to make it happen:

  • Market research that can meet the tastes and needs of the country and the customer to whom it is addressed.
  • The creation of the idea and concept.
  • The technical design, including master plan, several studies, development and construction projects.
  • The management and negotiation to obtain lands identified as suitable for the projects.
  • The necessary permits and licenses.
  • Project management of all Project Units.
  • The incorporation of all companies, public and private agencies and associated international brands.
  • Marketing, advertising and communication management
  • Effective management of the entire project during its development and subsequent operation of all business units of the project.

Understanding, unity and mixing of cultures and knowledge in a framework of mutual respect and good personal and business relationship, make Bluerain a winning and guaranteed successful team.

Bluerain Strategy combines the union of:

  • More than 20 years of international experience in the development, construction, marketing and Management of industrial, aviation and services projects.
  • Financial capacity to meet the most ambitious projects.
  • A professional team with important references and background in the development, construction and Management of aviation, industrial and services projects.

Our mission is to be leaders in the creation, development and management of large projects that actively contribute to social welfare, sustainable development and the creation of value for our stakeholders.
Our vision is to be able to respond to the daily challenge of achieving sustainable development across all our areas of activity, so that current and future generations enjoy a better life.